Friday, July 29, 2011

Buying new car from out of state - you may need car transport services

We already realized that to shop online saves time and money!
You can find your ideal car in a rate you can afford. The only trouble is where is that car? not always it's near you and in that case you need to find a solution to bring the car to you. This solution is to find good, reliable and affordable car transport to ship your vehicle.
Few factors you should know:
Time - Auto transport take time. IF you have couple of weeks it's great to start early. You should also inspect the vehicle before it transported. Note to yourself if there are any previous damage.

Money - Do some calculations. Research the best way to ship your new vehicle. Add the shipping cost to the online cost to make sure you are doing a good deal. It is always good to check around and get few rates to compare.

Communication: In order to assure smooth transport, you need to be in touch with your transport services. Once you place an order, you should be brief frequently with the status of the shipping.
Good Transport service will keep you informed and make sure your car was delivered safely
Today, more and more people finding them self in front of their computer when need to shop for a car instead of walking from dealer to dealer. Most dealer have website to shop online.
After you found the right car, just do some research and secure good transport service.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Car transport service vs driving the car to destination

When the time comes to move your car, you always think should I drive it or ship it with a car transport service.
While trying to decide, you should consider few points:

Point No. 1: How far is it?

First thing you should do is to go to Google Maps.
Click on get directions and enter your location and the destination.
If it's less then 300 miles and you can't afford spending few hundreds - just drive it and come back in a train, a bus, with a friend or any other way. it's the cheapest way to go!

Point No. 2: Is it cost effective?

With gas prices today it's better to ship it with a car transport service.
you split the total cost with other car owners ( usually car carrier hold 6-10 cars).
You don't run mileage on your car so your car value is not reduced.

Point No. 3: Why you need it?

If you relocating your life to differant state, buyig a car from another state or a dealership that needs to transport shipment of cars, car transport services will help you make it easier.
one less worry for you! once the truck driver leaves with your car, you don't need to worry about it anymore - it will get to the destination on time!

After you took all these points into calculation, you should call car transport services. Check what are the available options and rates to ship your vehicle. always check for available discounts.