Friday, August 5, 2011

Auto Transport Carriers

Auto transport carriers are usually carry bulk number of cars on them.
The companies that offer this service use different types of carriers to handle different types of vehicles.
There are 3 major categories:: Open Carrier, enclose carrier and private carrier.

 open carriers: are the common service offered in this industry,carry maximum of 10 vehicles on board. If the client did not requested any specific carrier, an open carrier will be assigned automatically.

 Enclose carriers: are less common since their price is higher the open carriers, but it's surly the safest way you can find to transport your car. under this categories you can find drivers with trailers for 2, 4 or even 6 vehicles. If the client vehicle is very expensive. Classic cars, sport cars, luxury cars all usually travel in an enclosed carriers.

 Personal carriers: are offered only when client asked for his vehicle to be shipped personally. you can find open and enclosed carriers in this categories but unlike the options before this one is the most expensive and uncommon.

By providing all those options to the client, the client have more options and more knowledge about how to transport cars.

Carriers usually prefer not to deal directly with customers on the biding stage. This is why most of the companies out there are brokers that communicate between the drivers to the customers.

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