Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Never pay deposit on reservation..this is how they get you!

The story below is real, the names are fake...

we received a call from a lady name Jenna, she was almost in tears. " I can't believe the company I hired screw me like that" (that was her exact words), she reserved her car transport  a month before with another company who gave her a price that was right on her budget (from MA to GA for $350) . What she didn't know is that the "price or her budget" was too low. This company policy is 50% deposit on the reservation and the rest on delivery, she went ahead and paid the first half a month ago. her timing for pick up was between 11/7 - 11/10 - she claims no one called her few days before or even on the date that it was suppose to be picked up. She called them to check the status and the answer that she got was " We don't have a driver yet - we working on it" - that was still OK since she have until the 10th. when the 10th came and there was still no driver on site - she called again to see what's going on, the dispatch that answered told her that the money is not enough, it's the snowbird season and no driver want to take it so they need an additional $250. At that point she lost it,  screaming, crying, talking to the owner - nothing helped and the deposit is not refundable!! she was so mad, she canceled them and called her credit card company to complain. If she knew before, she might from the beginning pay more, but now was too late for that with them.
She called us, broken, disappointed and stressed - the following day she had a flight!  - We have drivers that runs this route regularly, so I offered to check with them for her to see if one of them can pick up the same day, if not I offered to find her a terminal to drop off the vehicle. She agreed and from than on things started to work better.
I quoted her $645 and told her I will let her know in hour if we can do it or not. of course when the price is right and you explain all to the customer from the start, the chances to have problems are near to zero! I called her after 20 minutes with a driver that can pick up the vehicle in 2-3 hours, deliver 3 days later for a total price of $595. She couldn't believe that a company that is 2 months in the business, that she called in the last minute, was more professional then the other company who is 8 years in the business and she booked a month ahead!!!!

This is how we work! we NEVER take deposit before we have a driver for sure.
We always give the price and explain that we negotiating with the drivers and the final price will be when we find the driver. We prefer to give quote on the high end then low-ball!! to hide the real price from the customer and to wait until the last minute to ask for more is very WRONG!
Even when we do have a driver assigned, we only charge $100-$200 from the total and the remainder is due on delivery location. So most of the money, the customer paying in the END of the job not BEFORE we even started!
There are so many companies some good , some bad, some better, some worst. You can never really know until you into it but at least you can protect your self.
If most quotes you got are in a certain range and then one or two is very low...that should be a red light! always go on the middle rates...usually those are the correct ones.
Never pay on the reservation, deposits are always not refundable. Deposit should not be 50%.
We work for FREE until we have a driver for you.

If you need a quote or have questions, please don't hesitate to call and speak with one of our specialist.
our toll free 1 800 516 3440 or check our website.

Monday, October 17, 2011

AA Car Transport - We help move military as well.....

I received a call 2 weeks ago from a lady named Merlin, she asked for a quote to ship a Hummer H2 from Atlanta GA to Norfolk VA. I gave her the price, she mentioned it is for her son and she need to check with him when he comes back. No problem, I emailed her the details and put a note to my self to call her in 2-3 days. When I called to follow up, she mentioned she can't get a hold of her son, but she definitely want to do it. She called in Thursday after noon and told me the story: her son is a military sergeant, who served in Iraq for the past few months. He is coming back finally, and her husband and herself bought him his dream car: the "HUMMER". Her son don't know nothing and it is crucial to deliver the vehicle before he arrives on Sunday ! bottom line - I had 3 days to make it happen!
I have several drivers who runs this route so I started to make some phone calls. NO ONE was available to do it so fast and especially with this kind of giant car! oh boy, I was so stressed not to ruin the surprise.
I called everyone, no one could help, I called the last driver on my list and BINGO! he was available to do it same day, he just got back from a trip and wanted to take some days off but I explained the situation, he jumped in! he went and pick the vehicle from the dealership that day and deliver it 2 days later.

Merlin son, arrived home this morning ( 1 day late) and his dream car was waiting for him in the driveway with a bow-tie!! ( well - christmas colors - but hey.....I tried my best )

Merlin called me earlier to thank me and tell me how happy they all were and what a perfect surprise it was!

Like always, I was thrilled that I was able to make it happen. It is always great when there is a nice story behind. Her son was fighting in Iraq and lost 2 good friends that was killed ,  the least that I could do is to make him happy!

AA Car Transport LLC is trying to accommodate to all needs and to work under the customer timing and terms. check our website and get free quote or call us to speak with a specialist at 1-800-526-3440

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to ship a car (domastic and international) by AA Car Transport

How to: Auto Shipping.

Car Shipping is service people use daily, but not everyone know how the market work, what to look for or what to ask when they try to ship a car.
The Service:
Car transport and shipping works a little bit different from regular market due the fact that most drivers are on the road and they can't handle sales and customer service while driving. therefor they use brokers to connect between them and the customers. the brokers have all the drivers info include license number, DOT number, MC number and valid prof of insurance.
While looking for a transport company or broker to help their needs customers come across (here is the trick) leads companies that paying a LOT of money to Google to be in the first page and their ads offer customers "free instant quote". customers usually take the offer, fill up the online application and get slammed with 30-50 emails instantly and 5-15 phone calls the next hour. The leads company sell each online application to 5-15 brokers which all of them use automatic system sending out 2-5 emails like: ballpark quote, welcome email and about us email. Now the clock is ticking - customer will get the first call from the fastest company - first call is fun - sale rep will explain you how they work, who are they, etc. (wall written scripts). On the second call customer will just ask for price to compare between companies (the main reason to get 10 quotes). The third and fourth call are the same but after the fifth call some customers loose it! so if you have the time to hear the same script 10 time talk over and over with sales rep. go ahead and submit "free instant quote". But if you care about your time, stay away from leads companies, look for a local companies (local search engines). call them directly and get 2-3 quote. All quotes will be the same give or take 5%, low quote 10% and more will be price "To book" the customer, after they take deposit their price will go up to the "market" price and usually more then the "market" price. be careful from company trying to get the deposit before they have driver. legit company will book you and charge your card after they have driver assigned to you.
Prices can be vary: Shipping vehicle prices depends on several factors such as distance (the average is 45-65 cent/mile + broker fee) , type of a vehicle (heavy cars = more gas that the truck need to haul the cargo), flexibility (pick up date with few days can give the broker more options to find cheaper driver), if it well traveled route or not and if it is the season (busy season = expansive), etc.
Make sure your price include: Tools, Mileage, Fuel, Taxes and insurance coverage up to $1,000,000.
Things you should tell your transport specialist in order to generate the most accurate price.
  1. If the car is not running - car that need to be wrenched requires special equipment most driver DO NOT have, you sharing your vehicle condition will help dispatch your car to the qualified driver to handle the car conditions.
  2. Special modification - pick up truck: short bed or long bed, 2 doors or 4 doors,

Monday, October 3, 2011

We help our customers with their needs!

Every day we receive many calls for different transport needs and we try to make it all happen as the customer required.
A nice guy called last week to ask if we can help transport his old dad classic car from MA to FL. His dad is 79 years old and want his babe (1969 Chevy - fully restored) next to him.
He was telling us that his dad already booked with another company for over a month and they can not find a driver.
It looks a little odd since it is a well traveled route. when we checked the board - we understood why! it was posted for too low so no driver wanted to take it.
He canceled the reservation with the other company and place a new order with us. As soon as we start working on his case - we were able to locate a driver to do it the following day!
The total price to the customer was the same as the other company the difference was our fee, while the other company gave the driver $450 and kept $250, we offered the driver $575 and kept $125.
No need to say how happy he was to get his vehicle in FL 4 days after he booked with us!.
AA Car Transport LLC care about her customers. We understood the situation and was able to make it happen for him.
He already referred 2 of his retired friends that coming down to Florida next month.
If you need Car Transport Services from anywhere in the US and Canada please feel free to call us at 1-800-516-3440 or fill out your information here and we will call you with a quote.
You can also email us directly at

Friday, September 30, 2011

AA Car Transport - We value your needs! Operation run away...

Operation run away...

Last week we got a call from customer asking about our auto shipping services Val, took her time and walk her trough the car shipping process.
Then the customer start asking about the pickup time and if we can Garnette pickup time.
At AA Car Transport we care about our customers needs but DO NOT promise things we can`t do, Val try to explain the customer we can not give exact time of pickup and it up to many things like weather, traffic or customer before didn't show in time for his pickup then all route have delay...
But the customer let Val understand pickup time is deal breaker and explain that she is the mother and her daughter run away from abusive husband...
from this moment our team walk the customer step by step till the drop off, we had to coordinate exact pickup time - the driver was on time but her husband got day off.. we had to cancel for that day and reschedule the pickup... we got new driver on new date, this time her husband was late and our driver had to hide 2 blocks away with his trailer...
After her husband left to work our driver got the "go" and pickup the car.
Since she run away we deliver her car to close by city, now even if her husband will check the paper work he want be able to find her.

Few days after her mom call again to thank us and told us her daughter in safe place now starting her new life.

We are proud to help her and took our time to work out the best solution for the customer.
WE VALUE CUSTOMER NEEDS - its the way we do business not just a slogan!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Auto Transport Carriers

Auto transport carriers are usually carry bulk number of cars on them.
The companies that offer this service use different types of carriers to handle different types of vehicles.
There are 3 major categories:: Open Carrier, enclose carrier and private carrier.

 open carriers: are the common service offered in this industry,carry maximum of 10 vehicles on board. If the client did not requested any specific carrier, an open carrier will be assigned automatically.

 Enclose carriers: are less common since their price is higher the open carriers, but it's surly the safest way you can find to transport your car. under this categories you can find drivers with trailers for 2, 4 or even 6 vehicles. If the client vehicle is very expensive. Classic cars, sport cars, luxury cars all usually travel in an enclosed carriers.

 Personal carriers: are offered only when client asked for his vehicle to be shipped personally. you can find open and enclosed carriers in this categories but unlike the options before this one is the most expensive and uncommon.

By providing all those options to the client, the client have more options and more knowledge about how to transport cars.

Carriers usually prefer not to deal directly with customers on the biding stage. This is why most of the companies out there are brokers that communicate between the drivers to the customers.

Check how we can help you in providing information and pricing by calling 1-800-516-3440

Friday, July 29, 2011

Buying new car from out of state - you may need car transport services

We already realized that to shop online saves time and money!
You can find your ideal car in a rate you can afford. The only trouble is where is that car? not always it's near you and in that case you need to find a solution to bring the car to you. This solution is to find good, reliable and affordable car transport to ship your vehicle.
Few factors you should know:
Time - Auto transport take time. IF you have couple of weeks it's great to start early. You should also inspect the vehicle before it transported. Note to yourself if there are any previous damage.

Money - Do some calculations. Research the best way to ship your new vehicle. Add the shipping cost to the online cost to make sure you are doing a good deal. It is always good to check around and get few rates to compare.

Communication: In order to assure smooth transport, you need to be in touch with your transport services. Once you place an order, you should be brief frequently with the status of the shipping.
Good Transport service will keep you informed and make sure your car was delivered safely
Today, more and more people finding them self in front of their computer when need to shop for a car instead of walking from dealer to dealer. Most dealer have website to shop online.
After you found the right car, just do some research and secure good transport service.

Start here get FREE quote:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Car transport service vs driving the car to destination

When the time comes to move your car, you always think should I drive it or ship it with a car transport service.
While trying to decide, you should consider few points:

Point No. 1: How far is it?

First thing you should do is to go to Google Maps.
Click on get directions and enter your location and the destination.
If it's less then 300 miles and you can't afford spending few hundreds - just drive it and come back in a train, a bus, with a friend or any other way. it's the cheapest way to go!

Point No. 2: Is it cost effective?

With gas prices today it's better to ship it with a car transport service.
you split the total cost with other car owners ( usually car carrier hold 6-10 cars).
You don't run mileage on your car so your car value is not reduced.

Point No. 3: Why you need it?

If you relocating your life to differant state, buyig a car from another state or a dealership that needs to transport shipment of cars, car transport services will help you make it easier.
one less worry for you! once the truck driver leaves with your car, you don't need to worry about it anymore - it will get to the destination on time!

After you took all these points into calculation, you should call car transport services. Check what are the available options and rates to ship your vehicle. always check for available discounts.