Monday, October 3, 2011

We help our customers with their needs!

Every day we receive many calls for different transport needs and we try to make it all happen as the customer required.
A nice guy called last week to ask if we can help transport his old dad classic car from MA to FL. His dad is 79 years old and want his babe (1969 Chevy - fully restored) next to him.
He was telling us that his dad already booked with another company for over a month and they can not find a driver.
It looks a little odd since it is a well traveled route. when we checked the board - we understood why! it was posted for too low so no driver wanted to take it.
He canceled the reservation with the other company and place a new order with us. As soon as we start working on his case - we were able to locate a driver to do it the following day!
The total price to the customer was the same as the other company the difference was our fee, while the other company gave the driver $450 and kept $250, we offered the driver $575 and kept $125.
No need to say how happy he was to get his vehicle in FL 4 days after he booked with us!.
AA Car Transport LLC care about her customers. We understood the situation and was able to make it happen for him.
He already referred 2 of his retired friends that coming down to Florida next month.
If you need Car Transport Services from anywhere in the US and Canada please feel free to call us at 1-800-516-3440 or fill out your information here and we will call you with a quote.
You can also email us directly at

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