Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to ship a car (domastic and international) by AA Car Transport

How to: Auto Shipping.

Car Shipping is service people use daily, but not everyone know how the market work, what to look for or what to ask when they try to ship a car.
The Service:
Car transport and shipping works a little bit different from regular market due the fact that most drivers are on the road and they can't handle sales and customer service while driving. therefor they use brokers to connect between them and the customers. the brokers have all the drivers info include license number, DOT number, MC number and valid prof of insurance.
While looking for a transport company or broker to help their needs customers come across (here is the trick) leads companies that paying a LOT of money to Google to be in the first page and their ads offer customers "free instant quote". customers usually take the offer, fill up the online application and get slammed with 30-50 emails instantly and 5-15 phone calls the next hour. The leads company sell each online application to 5-15 brokers which all of them use automatic system sending out 2-5 emails like: ballpark quote, welcome email and about us email. Now the clock is ticking - customer will get the first call from the fastest company - first call is fun - sale rep will explain you how they work, who are they, etc. (wall written scripts). On the second call customer will just ask for price to compare between companies (the main reason to get 10 quotes). The third and fourth call are the same but after the fifth call some customers loose it! so if you have the time to hear the same script 10 time talk over and over with sales rep. go ahead and submit "free instant quote". But if you care about your time, stay away from leads companies, look for a local companies (local search engines). call them directly and get 2-3 quote. All quotes will be the same give or take 5%, low quote 10% and more will be price "To book" the customer, after they take deposit their price will go up to the "market" price and usually more then the "market" price. be careful from company trying to get the deposit before they have driver. legit company will book you and charge your card after they have driver assigned to you.
Prices can be vary: Shipping vehicle prices depends on several factors such as distance (the average is 45-65 cent/mile + broker fee) , type of a vehicle (heavy cars = more gas that the truck need to haul the cargo), flexibility (pick up date with few days can give the broker more options to find cheaper driver), if it well traveled route or not and if it is the season (busy season = expansive), etc.
Make sure your price include: Tools, Mileage, Fuel, Taxes and insurance coverage up to $1,000,000.
Things you should tell your transport specialist in order to generate the most accurate price.
  1. If the car is not running - car that need to be wrenched requires special equipment most driver DO NOT have, you sharing your vehicle condition will help dispatch your car to the qualified driver to handle the car conditions.
  2. Special modification - pick up truck: short bed or long bed, 2 doors or 4 doors,

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