Monday, October 17, 2011

AA Car Transport - We help move military as well.....

I received a call 2 weeks ago from a lady named Merlin, she asked for a quote to ship a Hummer H2 from Atlanta GA to Norfolk VA. I gave her the price, she mentioned it is for her son and she need to check with him when he comes back. No problem, I emailed her the details and put a note to my self to call her in 2-3 days. When I called to follow up, she mentioned she can't get a hold of her son, but she definitely want to do it. She called in Thursday after noon and told me the story: her son is a military sergeant, who served in Iraq for the past few months. He is coming back finally, and her husband and herself bought him his dream car: the "HUMMER". Her son don't know nothing and it is crucial to deliver the vehicle before he arrives on Sunday ! bottom line - I had 3 days to make it happen!
I have several drivers who runs this route so I started to make some phone calls. NO ONE was available to do it so fast and especially with this kind of giant car! oh boy, I was so stressed not to ruin the surprise.
I called everyone, no one could help, I called the last driver on my list and BINGO! he was available to do it same day, he just got back from a trip and wanted to take some days off but I explained the situation, he jumped in! he went and pick the vehicle from the dealership that day and deliver it 2 days later.

Merlin son, arrived home this morning ( 1 day late) and his dream car was waiting for him in the driveway with a bow-tie!! ( well - christmas colors - but hey.....I tried my best )

Merlin called me earlier to thank me and tell me how happy they all were and what a perfect surprise it was!

Like always, I was thrilled that I was able to make it happen. It is always great when there is a nice story behind. Her son was fighting in Iraq and lost 2 good friends that was killed ,  the least that I could do is to make him happy!

AA Car Transport LLC is trying to accommodate to all needs and to work under the customer timing and terms. check our website and get free quote or call us to speak with a specialist at 1-800-526-3440

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